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September 11, 2018
By WeirdosUnite GOLD, Prairie Farm, Wisconsin
WeirdosUnite GOLD, Prairie Farm, Wisconsin
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"Give me your hands if we be friends, and Robin shall restore amends"~Puck, A Midsummer Night's Dream

So, this is a part of a five page rant I wrote in my diary, but I thought I needed to share this part with people And, since it is a dairy thing, it is not edited (I edited it into paragraphs though). I am not trying to offend anyone, and I am not trying to judge. I'm just trying to get  my point across. I mostly wrote this about how I hate being a teenage girl sometimes, (and about some other stuff) because...


I hate the pressure to wear the "right" clothes, shop at the "right" stores, have a crush on a "cute" boy, look the "right" way, watch the "right" movies and TV shows, read the "right" magazines and books, listen to the "right" music, say the "right" things, have the "right" beliefs, to own the "right" kind of phone, to have the "right" apps, to have the "right" interests, and to just "fit in" in general. 

Honestly? It. Makes. Me. Sick. Girls shouldn't have to conform to society's idea of a "perfect" girl. It's so...dumb! Really!

And let me tell you something(s): 


I wear long skirts and "weird" outfits.

I shop at a billion local thrift stores.

I identify on the LGBTQIPA+ spectrum.

I'm 150 pounds, super tall, and have crazy hair.

I like to watch dark, depressing stuff.

I read NMG Magazine and some "weird" books.

I listen to folk music and Broadway musicals.

I tend not to swear, and I like jokes and puns.

I'm not religious, and I have really unpopular opinions.

I have a cheap TracFone flip phone that I <3.

I have Goat Simulator. And SpinArt. Not "conventional".

I read. And go to Ren Faires. And write. And act.

I consider myself a "Weird Radical Unschooler."


And, hey, I'm still a teenage girl with friends - both in person and on Facebook - a loving family, and a pretty awesome life. 

I consider myself "weird", yes, but would I if society's standards weren't set so stupidly high? Would I feel "weird" (which, BTW, I like) if all girls weren't expected to be clones of society's ideas? Would I feel like there was a "weird"? That is a an excellent question.

I just think it's stupid how society expects all teenage girls to like their smartphones, makeup, clothes, and superhero movies - but just because the actors are cute.

And I hate, hate, hate how society tells all teenage girls that they have to be super thin. I mean, there are sooo many different body types out there, and girls should stop thinking that they have to be 100-120 pounds to be beautiful. All body types are beautiful, and it's high time society learns that.

Girls have eating disorders because they compare themselves to thinner, "beautiful" women. Girls have died because of society's ideas about beauty! And does society care? Do the magazines and stores stop photoshopping their ads? Nope! It makes me feel sick.

And it breaks my heart to think that girls like me are getting sick - are dying - because of some people's stupid ideas about beauty and perfection. 

And how our society tells us to treat Muslims, blacks, people on the LGBT+ spectrum, etc.? It makes me want to cry sometimes. Basically , society says, "if they aren't cisgender, straight , and white, than they must be evil and therefore we should kill them all." It's just...so sad, and so horrible. Why would anyone think like that?! 

A trans person is still a person. A black person is still a person. A Muslim person is still a person. Women and girls are still people. Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Pan/Asexual, etc., people are still people. Non-binary, gemderfluid, and genderqueer people are still people. Everyone is a person. And they deserve to be treated as one.

Not as a terrorist, or a bad thing, or an object, or anything like that, but a person, who has feelings, and a life, and a voice, and who matters.

I know, crazy idea, right? Treat everyone like they matter? Oh my God, the horror! 

I don't like to swear a lot, but just this once, I have to: F--- SOCIETY

The author's comments:

I just started writing, and all my feelings just kind of poured out onto the paper after that. It felt amazing.

Please leave comments on this article - I'm trying to get opinions and thoughts on this peice in particular. Thank you in advance!!

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