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Green Wads of Envy MAG

By Anonymous

     Why is it that shopping malls are always bustling and parks are deserted? Is there a reason outlet parking lots are choked with cars while those at libraries are pavement graveyards? Is knowledge considered worthless, exploring the world a waste of time? In this society, wisdom is alien while people flock to purchase. The latest shoes are not history, a gargantuan television is not discovery, but in America, these items are considered valuable. Only such a twisted mindset could be born from money, green cloth which corrupts, revealing material envy.

Money creates a new hue in the pallet of human thought. It coaxes forth pessimism and commands that none of us appreciate what we have, but rather want more. True happiness and morals are shattered as people only desire materials which pamper our already-spoiled lifestyle. People boil their minds in this material want, and exist with but a single goal: to acquire more riches. The evil is woven into culture, and fuels the power we give to material wealth.

Money is awarded an immaculate throne, and becomes our focus. Monstrous houses are marveled at by those who do not have them, and oversized vehicles attract awe. Even on TV there is a show which calls the life of celebrities "The Fabulous Life," not because of a loving family or friendships, but rather because they can spend $5,000 to get their hair done. We all place wealth above knowledge and friendships because money envelops us with greed, a substantial evil which murders morality and steals happiness.

This desire for slips of paper tinted olive even urges some to commit serious acts of evil, harming themselves or others. In the charade lives of professional athletes and celebrities, morals are tossed out the window for the desire of even more riches. Some lie so soaked in wealth, a stench of greed resounds like a drum from their lives.

Sports heroes grumble over their staggering salaries, wanting to add one more mansion or car to their swollen collection. Often, athletes are exempt from laws because of their money and live deviously, unpunished for drug abuse and assault. Often, they consider their lives unfulfilled and choose to fill the void with drugs, alcohol, promiscuous hysteria, and marriages that last the length of a summer break.

Money is almost always a factor in a mysterious family murder, or lawsuit against previous companions, tearing apart the relationships of good people. This desire for wealth and material goods yields jealousy and anger, enraging some to commit appalling acts.

Though not a fatal weapon, nor a hurtful argument, money can still be considered the root of all branches of evil. It transforms pride and humility into greed and envy, causing those to lose every moral just for power, and those who don't to snatch any material value in reach. With each new fad, our society and the mind loses pinches of its color, leaving only a sinister green.

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