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By Anonymous

   New York City's decision touse architect Daniel Libeskind's plans for a 1,776 foot spire, five towers, andseveral smaller cultural buildings to rebuild the World Trade Center site is anexcellent resolution despite objections from some families of the victims ofSeptember 11th. There are commercial and memorial advantages to Libeskind'sdesign, and the idea of devoting the World Trade Center site entirely to amemorial is unreasonable.

The World Trade Center was attacked,both in 1993 and 2001, because of its economic significance. It representedAmerican free enterprise and commerce, and its sheer magnitude exemplifiedAmerican pride. To let the site remain as it is right now, a hole in the ground,would forever proclaim to mad men around the world that terrorism will betolerated. That is why it is necessary to rebuild the Trade Center as acommercial hub as well as a memorial to the victims.

In order to heal thewound caused by the tragedy of September 11, the site must also be partially amemorial. Libeskin's design will preserve part of the Towers' foundation as amuseum and memorial. Libeskind was inspired by the slurry walls that wereinitially built to hold back the Hudson River and are now basically all that isleft at the site. His plans to preserve the walls and the sunken pit beside itwill provide forever a place to quietly reflect on the tragedy of September 11,2001.

Libeskind's design will revolve around a 1,776-foot tall spire thatwill dominate the Manhattan skyline as the tallest building in the world. Thearchitect chose the height because of its significance in American history. Itsenormity is also a direct slap in the face to the terrorists who planned andconducted the attacks. They expected to cripple America with an attack on asymbol of our economy. They did deliver a massive blow, but this new tower willshowcase American ingenuity and resolve because the World Trade Center will berebuilt even taller.

Libeskind's design for the World Trade center siteappropriately captures the determination of the people of New York City and theUnited States. His grand vision for a new World Trade Center fittingly containsboth the commercial aspects of the first World Trade Center and many memorialaspects the community needs.

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