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All For Freedom MAG

By Anonymous

Recklesskillings cause tides of blood
which hide us from the sun.
Cover theyoung soldiers' bodies and
tell me it's all for freedom.
How free arethe mothers of fresh-
faced cadavers?
How free will this bloodshedreally
make the world after
you've left small babies fatherless
and you've saved face.
You may tell us we are fighting
in thename of liberty
but behind closed eyes
you strip us of theseliberties,
then tell us to make sacrifices
for our country?
Donot name me Benedict Arnold
because I cleave to the individual
ideals of our forefathers.
You can explain to the 30-something widow
on welfare, how fighting fire with fire
has made her impoverishedyet "free":
Free. But only by your standards.
Can you tell methat the dissipation
of the modern human race
has been worth yourfalse sense of security?
Can you promise me this war will end allwars?
Will you tell me exactly what I am putting
my life and libertieson the line for?
Revenge? Politics?
None is worth this freedom,
my god-given right of free will.
You hold that gun.
Does it makeyou feel safe?
Do you feel powerful?
Turn your gun around.
You can'tshoot this down.
I am a true soldier of freedom of liberties that
Runthrough my veins.
God Bless America,
God Bless Independence.
It's timeto make a choice.
I choose peace and human life.

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i love this so much!