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   America, considered the most successful country ever, hasevery reason to be proud of its achievements. We have the best economy, amulti-billion dollar entertainment industry, freedom, an outstanding democracy,and the power to make our dreams a reality. However, America is lacking in themost essential ingredient to raise its children: a proper education. Many states,including Arizona, lack the money to help every child receive the besteducational system possible.

My education is worth more than all thematerial items I possess. It is the only thing that no one can ever take awayfrom me. Thus, Arizona's educational practices are very disappointing. We rankdead last in educational spending per student in the United States, which is anatrocity for one of the country's fastest growing states. When I enter the Cityof Phoenix I see a sign that reads Welcome to Phoenix, The Best Run City of theWorld. Someone forgot to mention education. The sign should read, Welcome toPhoenix, a Great Place to Live, But Not For an Education.

For over ayear, the Cardinals' stadium has been a hot topic in the media and in homesacross Arizona. Many people voted for it to be built, but when Sky Harbor Airportrequested that it not be built so close to their flying area, millions wereoutraged! It was the hottest topic on talk radio since the Clinton scandal. TheF.A.A., Senator John McCain, the Attorney General, and the Governor, all busypeople, were called in to help solve this "detrimental" problem.

But where is the outrage for the below-par education that Arizona'schildren are receiving? Sure, raise taxes to pay for the $335 million dollarstadium, but not for my education, or anyone else's, for that matter. Raise taxesto buy new books for schools, computers for classrooms and smaller class sizes,not for a football team that continues to perform at the bottom of the NFLhaystack. Arizona has its priorities twisted, and it is up to the citizens tomake it known to representatives that education is important.

I pray thatvery soon education will receive more attention and funding. Education is theonly thing that can make my dreams a reality - and yours. How is your statedoing?

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i love this so much!