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Airplane Flights

January 27, 2019
By red08 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
red08 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Airplanes. They are the things that are flying through the sky. The things that as a child I would confuse as a shooting star and no that is not a reference to the song Airplane by BOB ft Hayley Williams although I will say that it is a great song. Airplanes are used for transportation to travel to places. They are commonly known to be one of the safest ways of transportation but also expensive. During the holiday season, you can see that airports from all over the world will be packed with people.

Now airplanes are a horrible place to be in. When you are trying to get into a comfortable but you can not because the seats are heavily uncomfortable because they are as hard as a rock. However, I will say that the attendants are great. They are usually very kind and make sure you have what you need. Airplane food is also not the best and sometimes is overpriced, but I will say that some airlines do offer some free drinks and snacks. Usually, the free drinks would be a can of soda and some crackers nothing too extravagant.

Have you ever gone on an airplane at night expecting to sleep through the flight but someone or something ruins it? You know when the person three rows away is eating some Hot Cheetos and they are eating very loudly, that you can hear them eat all the way to your seat. Not only that but when you are just about to sleep you hear it! A crunch! Then you can not go back to sleep. Or when there is a group of people talking too loudly or laughing too loudly and all you want to do is sleep but you can’t. Oh! Do not forget when you are finally in a somewhat comfortable position but the little kid behind you decides to start kicking your seat.

Some may say that it would depend on what type of class you choose to buy will affect your experience in the airplane. This is correct to a certain point. For me, the thing that annoys me the most of airplane flights are the people around me. However, if you did want to be more comfortable you could pay for a higher class.

Should this discourage you from traveling? No. Traveling is something I would definitely recommend. Although the process of getting there is not the best, the experience in the location would be unforgettable. However, do be prepared for the experience in the airplane.

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