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By Anonymous

   What will I remember about my childhood? The games I playedwith friends in the woods? The basketball games? Trips to mygrandparents' homes in North Carolina and New York? Or, maybethe video games I spent countless hours working to win,wasting days trying to get a high score or reach a newlevel.

My generation is the first to walk this path.Technology has given us the power to do amazing things andspend our days indoors watching hours of TV or playing GoldenEye with our family and friends. I can go on the Internetanytime and talk to people I've never met and probably neverwill.

That is fun, isn't it? But is it better thanplaying basketball or flashlight tag? I remember these games.They were and are great. I am growing up, and I understandthat these childhood games will soon be things of the past.Most have been replaced by a video game.

I see childrenjust a few years younger than me as a strange group. Theyspend most of their time playing on their computers. It scaresme sometimes to think what they are missing. They never playedthe neighborhood games like most of us; they don't realize howmuch fun that can be. Some never knew life without a


Well, I remember life withoutcomputers. I think that is what I want to remember when I lookback on my childhood - playing truth or dare until we had togo to bed, and being afraid of the monster in the woods as Icrossed my yard, conquering my fear, and telling my friend howscared I was running alone. This type of situation is whatwill make me happy when I think about my childhood. I hopesomehow the next generation has a chance to experience it.

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i love this so much!