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   Matters of the Mindby Jen Miller, Muncy, PAWho in this world is worthy enough to judge which of us are mentally insane? What is sanity and how do we come up with a definition for it? Those who speak of worlds beyond the one we know, those who travel to places we will never see and those who take on the personalities of heroes and celebrities as their own are often written off as mentally ill. I have yet to be convinced that we are any better off. How many of us feel the pressures of life closing in and wish we could find a way to escape? Yet those who succeed in this escape are thrown into asylums so that they don't pollute society. Maybe the pollution is our own. Maybe we are limiting ourselves to one type of living and our brains to one type of thinking. It seems to me that each of us does what we need to do to survive in a society full of pressure and expectations. Some people relieve stress by playing instruments or punching walls. Others choose to leave the world (as we know it) behind and enter into a society all their own. Yet we remain so self-righteous that we think these people need to conform to our standards of living. I ask you, what are we so afraid of? Are we scared that the individuals may be dangerous or maybe that they may be right? ?

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i love this so much!

dannym SILVER said...
on Apr. 21 2011 at 2:00 pm
dannym SILVER, Round Rock, Texas
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"It is my deepest belief that only by giving our lives can we find true life''.

Cesar E. Chavez

This peice touches a term many people are afraid to discuss or simply comprehend. I like the way you view the world, the outside looking in.

on Dec. 27 2010 at 3:02 am
MissElizabethBathroy, Visalia, California
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People have always been afraid of "different." Whether their conscious of it or not. In history, madness was considered an illness, i'd like to think of it as a rare beauty that most of us do not get the chance to tap into, though of course i keep its many many downsides in mind. Towards the beginning of your article you talk about insanity and madness, but in the end you talk about conforming, and difference. Madness and not conforming are two totally different things. I dislike society so much for their disapproval and cookie cutter ways, but i deal with it. I am who I am. I do live in my own little world, but i am definitely not mad, nor do people think i am. (They probably just think i'm weird) "Those who succeed in the escape are thrown into asylums so that they don't pollute society," this isn't so much true for modern times is it? They are all given somewhat of a fair chance in court (if they have committed some kind of crime). A forensic physiologist will normally evaluate the person that is pleading an insanity case, and declare whether they found signs of mental illness or not. They may or may not end up going to court, and if not they will be treated in a facility. Theirs the real question, should we have the power to force meds down a persons throat when they are unwilling? Or should we toss them in jail if they wish to not take treatment instead? The law however, declares that those who are declared "mentally insane" are not fit to make their own choices. Even i haven't choice a side. At least for the present we do not have that right to force pills down just anyones throat. They have a choice as long as they don't break the law(with certain exceptions), the same applies to us. Also, your way of thinking about insanity seems to be a tad more ancient than it is. Once again, "Those who succeed in the escape are thrown into asylums so that they don't pollute society." A Scottish Psychiatrist, Ronald Laing believed that schizophrenics became the way they were because they simply could not handle the world and it's hardships so they escaped to an alternate world where they are comfortable. We now know that it is a disease that destroys certain parts of the brain. You cannot make yourself insane (unless you have PTSD, or something, but even that is unconsciously). I do feel your frustration with people though. They are so un-accepting to anything out of the ordinary.