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   Battle Wounds

by Heather P., Milton, MA We are the militants and victims of a constant battle. Ammunition stings the atmosphere. The bullets are made of insults, lies and envy. We are all wounded in one way or another. We have tear-streaked faces, scars of abuse or stains of shattered dreams. Mirrors have become passports to who we represent and the status we are "supposed" to claim. Ignorance is a religion while faith is decaying. Prejudice is born and manifested in ignorance. An infinite search for our true persona lingers when the one we find may not seem acceptable to the "norm." The quest for our soulmate ceases because we are taught we are superior or inferior. Our weapons are our voices. Hidden emotions become our shield. And this war goes on.

Surrendering is only quitting. Believing in these things is losing. Accepting ourselves and the variation of the world is the key to victory. Let our ammunition become love, support and belief. Let our armor be hope and justice. Heal our wounds with forgiveness and understanding. Restore faith with the end of prejudice and the birth of genuine wisdom. We have to comprehend that there is no one answer to what "normal" is. There is no tangible indication as to who is superior or inferior. However, there is evidence that we are all in existence on this Earth together. All people struggle, all people feel, all people are needed and we are all people, regardless. Choose your battles based on justice, not simple-mindedness, and pray for victory.

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i love this so much!