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By Anonymous

   "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." Although this statement was not intended to be taken literally, in today's world of television and e-mail, it often is the truth. A lie can and does spread quickly, spurred on by forms of multimedia. Meanwhile, the truth struggles to gain momentum, suppressed by simple human nature. Lies and truths can be compared on three levels: a local, personal level, a national level, and finally, a universal level.

A perfect example of lies conquering the truth on a personal level is at school. The phenomenon is not indigenous to any particular school in a remote region of the country. It is widespread and can be seen in any school. Kids frequently blurt out statements which they know nothing about. They couldn't care less whether it is the truth or a lie, or who they hurt by saying it. The lie gives them something to talk about. It also makes them feel better about themselves by putting someone else down through a lie.

On a national level, the battleground for truths and lies is politics. Campaign ads are filled with non-researched, uninformed statements which sound good, but are not necessarily true. Politicians know that lies move more quickly than the truth so if they lie about their opponent and then apologize, most people never hear the apology. Some campaigns are so filled with this mudslinging that people don't know who to vote for and are so disheartened that they don't vote. When deception of the public becomes a campaign plan, there is a serious problem with our society.

On a universal level, lies move faster than the truth because of human nature. People want, and often need, to believe the unbelievable. Believing the worst about someone makes people feel better about themselves. People also love to talk. A lie sounds more interesting than the truth and will attract more listeners to the attention-starved. Most people feel that by lying they are raising themselves above the rest, making themselves more popular. It is sad that popularity is now more important than morals and the respectful treatment of other people.

Lies do travel faster than the truth, and an increase in communication among the human race is only fanning the already out-of-control fire. In order for our society to overcome this, people have to learn that lies are distasteful and not appreciated by others. Although spreading lies produces an immediate reaction, telling the truth will establish you as a reliable person and win you respect. ?

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