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Elegy For Flight 800 MAG

By Anonymous

   Like a great bird you made your way across

the night sky, lights all aglow in the warm

air of summer. There was so much hope

that night. You had only dreamed about

where you were going, but now it was

for real. But then something went bad

deafening roar and a fireball

and it all came to a crashing halt. We

watched as spectators, unable to

comprehend anything. It could have

been a movie. But then it began to

sink into our dull brains, the way you

sank into dark water. The FBI

floating luggage and burning fuel

began to whisper about bombs, about

missiles, about mechanical failure.

The Coast Guard lifted your waterlogged

fuselage from the silent waters, and

still they know nothing. What dark secret hides

within your black boxes? They don't know. They

scattered debris and unnamed bodies

don't know. They still promise us an answer,

but how long can they continue to

search? Your fuselage has been lifted, and

daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, husbands and

wives have been claimed. Where can they go from

here? Something's gone bad. We all gathered

white roses and salt water

together and mourned for you. We still

cannot understand. Your memory

remains, soaring all aglow in the

sweet summer sky. Time may someday heal,

but every time a plane flies overhead,

the nation holds its breath. Rest in peace.

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i love this so much!