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Stay Inside: My Opinion On Town Curfew MAG

By Anonymous

   Most crime and violence happens at night, and if every town had a curfew, then this violence would be cut down. Not many towns have a curfew, but the ones that do probably have a lower crime rate than without the curfew.

I supposedly live in the slum of Lincoln, but I am almost positive that if we had a curfew, crime would go down and our reputation would improve.

The curfew doesn't have to be for everybody: tourists passing through or people who would have to work at night would be excluded. One thing is for certain, the curfew law would definitely apply to residents who stay out late at night and party.

Rhode Island has taken the first step by collecting guns, knives, and other weapons. They gave something in exchange like gift certificates or money, although they should not have to give anything. The next step, though, is keeping people inside so crime and violence could be lowered.

It would probably take everyone a long time to get used to the curfew, but that is the price we need to pay to keep crime and violence to a minimum.

The curfew would give families more quality time together. It would also give students and adults more time for school work, or to do work for their job.

Many jobs would have to be created for police officers, so they could patrol the streets night and day, but the government would work that out to keep our streets safe.

The crime rate is very high, something has to be done, and a town curfew might do the trick. ?

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