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The Best Of Friends MAG

By Anonymous

   Webster's High School Dictionary defines "best" as good or useful in the highest degree: most excellent. The word "friend" is defined as one attached to another by affection or esteem. Your best friend is exactly that. "She" is the person with whom you would most like spend your time. As Significant Others come and go, your best friend is always right there beside you. Your best friend knows what's under your bed and will still come into your room. When you've got the flu and feel like you've been run over by a herd of elephants, your best friend not only stops by with your homework and chicken soup, but skips a date to watch every Naked Gun movie ever made. Her family likes you more than your own and you are now officially allowed to yell at her little sister. Her parents can claim you as a tax deduction. Your best friend will go with you to pick out a Homecoming dress even though she would rather be having several teeth pulled. She's the person who will eat your cooking with a straight face, even though it occasionally gets up and walks across her plate. Your best friend is probably the only person you could call 12:30 Thursday morning when a crisis suddenly arises without worrying if she'll be upset because you woke her up. She's the only person who knows how much you really weigh.

The moments you have shared are precious. Whether it is spitting from the ferris wheel at Darien Lake, sticking quarters to the mall floor with nail polish and watching people try to pick them up, going fishing and getting sick of worm guts under your fingernails, skinny-dipping in Lake Erie before the sun comes up, trying on fancy dresses at Lord & Taylor or setting off all of the alarms because you went too close to the doors, sneaking into Disclosure with tickets to The Lion King, or sliding down the banister at the Pantage's theater. There's no need for a photo album because you will never forget any of it.

Your best friend will try to teach you how to play the piano, even though you may have less musical ability than a toothbrush. You can tell your best friend off-color jokes, and she won't think that you have a dirty mind. She's the only person who can make even math homework just a bit more bearable and almost amusing.

Could you imagine life without your best friend? I can't. ?

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i love this so much!