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Off-Campus Students MAG

By Anonymous

   Students all over Massachusetts sometimes skip class and go off campus anyway. So what is the problem with going off campus if you have a free period? I think there is no problem if students go off campus if they have a free period because they are not missing anything anyway.

Many school officials are concerned about this problem, but they shouldn't be. There are many other problems for them to worry about, like getting the truant students to go to school and finding a way to improve the school system to help prevent violence, drugs, and improving academics. School officials should be concerned with these issues instead of small problems like whether students can or cannot leave campus during a free period.

I also think school officials should make tougher penalties for students who go off campus during class. Many students are going off campus when they are supposed to be in class. Each time this occurs officials should suspend the student. If it happens many times, the student should be expelled and taken to a place where the student would not think of skipping class. This is my opinion of the problem, one I feel is not a major issue. ?

Editor's Note: This is one opinion from question one of the Opinion Poll question from November. See telephone results below from all those who called.

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