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Taking Responsibility For Your Actions MAG

By Anonymous

   Recently, when Louis Farrakahn was forming his Million Man March, his initial message was impressive. His message was to grow up and take responsibility for your actions. Unfortunately, his comments were laced with anti-Semitic remarks further fueling the fires of bigotry. How can Farrakahn inspire responsibility in others by behaving irresponsibly himself?

As a defense lawyer for O.J. Simpson, it was Johnny Cochran who had the responsibility of winning an acquittal for his client. However, Cochran commented before the trial, "Get me one black juror, and maybe we can win." He received ten black jurors and taking full advantage of the Mark Fuhrman fiasco, he played the race card to irresponsible lengths.

Our parents, teachers, and spiritual leaders all need to do a better job of educating teenagers in the area of responsibility. The most common and chilling effect of irresponsible teenage behavior is the number of deaths caused by automobile accidents. For example, on October 13, three high school boys were killed in an automobile accident near Boston. Indications were that the accident was due to speeding, which is the most common and irresponsible cause of accidents today concerning teens. Starting as small children and continuing through youth, teaching responsibility for one's actions is absolute in creating a more mature and moral society. ?

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