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The Doom Of Man MAG

By Anonymous

   What will be the doom of man? That is as simple and as easy to answer as apple pie: computers. Even though computers do help us type ten-page term papers, play games our parents would faint at the sight of, and print pictures Playboy magazine would not even publish, these things will only make people lazy and pretty much worthless.

Back in ancient days when computers were not even heard of, people did things, in a sense, manually. What I mean is that people created their own fun and excitement or actually used their brains as meager as they are, compared to some little computer chip. People used pen and paper to write, played sports outside and exercised, and drew pictures of peace and love and happy little clouds. See what we have turned into? Most people cannot live in this grand world without their computer. They would be as lost as a person in the Sahara. They are depending on a machine instead of themselves and in reality, turning themselves into these inanimate heaps of metal and plastic. Humans are making themselves obsolete and are headed toward an inevitable doom.

Personally, I find that a computer is as useful to me as a crowbar up my nose. Yes, I do own a computer and yes I do use the ones in my school, but they are not necessary. I will gladly use pen and paper. You can play video games on a Sega or Nintendo system or in an arcade. As for graphics, a person does have an imagination. We do not need computers to enhance our creativity or do our thinking.

Computers make people useless. It is kind of ironic that people are doing so much to save the whales and the rain forests when in reality, they should be saving themselves from themselves. The world really has no need for humans. The world and everything on it would not miss us. For all we know, life would be better without us and this possibility may come true if we let computers run our lives. Remember, it is power to the people, not to the computers. ?

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i love this so much!

Jamestel said...
on Feb. 22 2011 at 10:37 pm
Jamestel, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
"Life will never be complete and or happy...."

You are flawed in many areas of your article.

Making a general statement "computers will make us lazy" is like saying all fat organisms are lazy. Even when some have medical conditions.

Another point is its obvious you don't know history as well as computers. When pen and paper were first begun use in Europe many thought that it was the start of "deep" sin. They thought the same thing as you. Just like the wheel, many thought it would make others lazy. Why stop at computers, what about cars? They make us lazy as well. What about horse drawn carriages?

My lasts point is computers might be easy for you to use, but people like me whom spend hours developing applications for them as well as creating web-pages and many other such things.

In conclusion, don't make generalizations with out coming to a full logical conclusion for it. Ever head of research? Oh wait, your only limited to book. The internet witch is used by computers makes us lazy.....