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Tickling MAG

By Anonymous

   What is tickling? Someone pokes you in the ribs, or lightly touches you on thebottom of your foot. This, for some reason, is extremely funny. If someonepunches you in the nose, that isn't funny, it hurts. Why doesn't thattickle?

Why can't you tickle yourself? I've tried very hard to ticklemyself (I have bruises all over my body) and it's impossible. Why can otherpeople tickle you, but you can't tickle yourself? What is the difference betweenyour finger and someone else's?

Why are some people ticklish and otherpeople not? Is it in your genes? The DNA says: "This person will beticklish."

It's not fun being ticklish when you can't tickle the otherperson back. I guess that is life. Life is unfair. Tickling remains one of life'sgreat mysteries.

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i love this so much!