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What About The Children? MAG

By Anonymous

   This controversy in Iraq has touched many. Those who are just watching the news, and those who are living in the refugee camps feel the pain and anger together. Sure, many people are willing to sacrifice their lives for their country, but why can't we learn to realize what these sacrifices mean to everyone. To a mother it may mean losing a child to war. And to a child it may mean losing a parent.

We, as Americans, have been lucky during the wars. We have not had a war fought on our soil since the Civil War. But for those who have had to live with war fought in their own backyards, sacrifices are a part of life. Teenagers today, in other parts of the world, are being drafted to serve their countries at a young and important age. These children have not yet fully experienced being children. Sadly, though, as war becomes a common theme of our modern world, so do sacrifices. And the sacrifices will become even greater as the age of weapons increases and the age of love and peace decreases.

Our forefathers fought to make this world a better place for their children. Yet now, it seems, we've forgotten about our gratitude to our forefathers and we're no longer fighting to make the world one. We, as those sharing this world, are committing the crime of making enemies with our neighbors.

Our leaders ask us how we can make this world into a peaceful land. Why not have the children lead this world so maybe these war-minded officials can learn about peace. And while the children of today lead the world, the children of tomorrow will not have to be subjected to a life of war. Millions of children have missed their childhoods because of this horror called war. What is the purpose of our forefathers having fought for us, if all we're going to do is wage war over economic reasons? The Revolutionary War was fought for the independence of our nation. It had a strong meaning of freedom to it, it was not for money.

Wars are fought for many reasons such as peace and freedom. But economic issues should be resolved by sitting down and having a conversation about the problem. The answer should be accomplished by a simple handshake, not by war.

No one has ever won a war, even if they think they have. One who will win a war is one who will never start a war! n

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