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Nature is my Haven

May 24, 2009
By HunterofKnowledge BRONZE, Roanoke, Illinois
HunterofKnowledge BRONZE, Roanoke, Illinois
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A slight breeze tugged at young flimsy tree branches while the pungent aroma of newborn earth choked my lungs. Robbins, finches, and a stunning claret cardinal chirped morning hymns. The miracle of nature creates a rush to engulf my body. This outside world causes inspiration, shines with beauty, and brings me joy. All I need to do is glance around me to behold these breath-devouring sights.

Every burst of inspiration I receive from the wonders of nature is spectacular! The numerous varieties of vegetation, animals, and noises just drown me in the erg to write. I write to the fullest of my ability when I’m exposed to the rich delicacies of this seemingly other dimension. I recall a sunlit afternoon when I took a tranquil stroll in the park. Spiraling leaves cascaded to the mulch floor and surprise currents of fridged wind struck my eyes, rapidly drying them out. I myself feeling so free,, produced such a fantastic story. But when this soul is not inspired to write, nature forces it to draw. The drawing sensation originates from when I first discover a new flower, a budding tree, or some sort of curious creature peeking beyond the crown of a bush. I usually create a painting of brilliant flower bushels nestling in the dirt, or a handsomely tall tree bearing ripening fruits. Though, when I am finished with those artisan hobbies, I move onto a more heart pumping activity, exercising. Sometimes I need to let all the building up stress and increasing pressure pour out; nature inspires me to do just that. I fly form my house when the weather is warm and begin to take a light jog amongst our pleasant village. The air cools my face and oxygen circulates throughout every airway, calming each inch of my body. It’s like nature brought me beyond the busy schoolwork, and beyond the judgmental world, and dropped me off into a realm of peace and harmony.

Within nature lies a stunning marvel named beauty. This fabulous future can be found d in every corner. Every minuscule crack. Every premature blossom just yearning to bloom. Flowers, I believe, contain the most beauty in this peculiar world of nature. From the first moment their dewy green heads emerge from an underground hibernation, to when these vibrantly decorated plants release their suede petals and perish, they are most amazing. What may mysteriously lay hidden deep within these forms of life that causes them to reflect such inviting beauty, may remain unknown, but I think that makes them all the more glorious. Just to ponder the thought causes my brain to twist like vines crawling upon a lattice. The aspect of weather is not as problematical to contemplate though. Yes, planet Earths weather is like the high king of beauty. With every drop of precipitation can eventually form a vast, salty ocean over time, like it once did millions of years ago. I deem that all kinds of weather hold a form of utter loveliness. Whether you are gazing onto a horrific hurricane or an exhilarating fuliginous storm of swirling, sinister green clouds looming in the atmosphere, aiming flaming hot, jagged electricity at you, the level of beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not the gentleman whom may be standing nearby. Although when it comes to the magnificent beauty of the living, it all bows down to this one part of nature. Animals. These extremely fuzzy, scaly, or feathered miracles scamper about searching through tumbling weeds for food. Birds to me, are like a heavenly creature sent down to our sinful earth, filling the lonesome dawns with joyful tunes. Every waking moment I hear their chirps, a refreshing feeling of happiness radiates throughout my veins. All precious animals should be adored no matter how colossal nor tiny.

To retain the state of joy is something we all desire, and nature provides it for me. What I feel is all smelted together by this stupefacient force and it causes me to leap in glee. When the end of our gloomy days at the Jr. High come closer, I can see and sense the effect of nature. Summer break is tumbling into play and all children can tell. The way the air smells just drives me nuts like a dog with treats. As I plunge into a deeper trance from my erratic case of the summer fever during our classes , I wish I could glide across each creaky desk and break into a splendid freedom. It all comes with summer break and I get so ecstatic at the very mention of the word. This genius invention of “no school for three months” permanently engraves itself into my thoughts as if a neuron surgeon, a highly advanced brain specialist, was rearranging my brains cells. The ever-so-lovely-face I put on when the dogs days are warm is also falling into place. When that very first angelic ray of golden light kisses my cheeks with heat, this heart skips a beat. I absolutely love the warm sun of our nature. Its everlasting glimmer reminds me to be afraid not of the seemingly awful times, because that magical star of untamed gas, exploding into ferocious globules of melted orange fire, and piercing the starry depths of space, always shines with eternity by its side. Providing us, the Shepard’s sheep, with such a warmth. Though, nature is the expert when it comes to replenishing. After a fresh new wave of afternoon spring air sneaks upon me, like a sly incognito, I immediately start grinning from joy. No part of my body contains a single sense of grouchiness. Nature brings this newness upon me when Eastertide’s rains pour, drip, plop, or whip at the observing world. The sweet perfume of dew sprinkled grass tranquilizes me with a fresh force spreading to my toes, until I pounce about, silvery blonde tresses swirling. As I leap, the old me stands alone as we, me and my replenishes soul, follow the path toward victories yet to come.

The diverse world of nature throws inspiration upon me, rings with the pure essence of beauty, and brings me joy--all for the simple cost of stepping outside. As John Muir once quoted:“ I only went out for a walk but finally decided to stay till sundown, for going out, I found I was really going in.” I believe what he meant was if he stayed like a captive in doors he would not be able to think freely, but when he finally felt the openness of nature, he could now understand and become free. I may not be Muir, but how I feels is exactly what is quote tells us. Nature is the unexpecting key.

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