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The R.A.M's Columns: Civil War II?

May 3, 2021
By RichardAlanMorris GOLD, Ventnor, New Jersey
RichardAlanMorris GOLD, Ventnor, New Jersey
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Civil War II Rumors

Can you guess what happened next? Yes, you're absolutely right. The leopard decided it didn’t want to be petted so it bit the top of the man’s head off. It makes you wonder. What sort of person will walk into a leopard’s cage thinking that soon, he will be walking out again?  And the answer is: An American. I was wondering what would happened if the two divided people will start a war with each other? And after the inaugaration and Georgia turning blue, I think I may have had a point. There are now suggestions that a full-blown civil war will erupt between the right-on and the right wing. It’ll be Black Lives Matter versus the sort of people you see spectating at a monster truck event. Already we are seeing vigilante groups of armed militia patrolling the streets, and it’s been suggested that at any moment, bullets will start to fly. Can you even begin to imagine how hilarious that would be? Because it would take everyone on both sides about ten seconds to realise that real urban warfare is nothing like anything they’ve experienced while playing Call Of Duty. Everyone’s seen Arnie coming up the beach with a machine gun in both hands, hosing down the opposition without sustaining so much as a scratch, and everyone’s whooped at the spectacle of Chris Hemsworth accurately picking off targets while riding a horse through Afghanistan. So they all imagine they’ll be standing in the middle of Main Street shouting, “Hostiles inbound”, and “Secure the perimeter”, while firing an RPG. They won’t. Instead, they’ll be hiding behind a low wall, sobbing and hyper-ventilating in a blind panic because their gun’s broken.Or they will be running away from the action until they are too out of breath to go any further. Which, for most Americans, will be after about 12 yards. Or they will find that they’ve clipped so many “tactical” gizmos from the gun store to their belts that their trousers have fallen down. The last American Civil War was one of the most brutal and harrowing conflicts ever fought. The next one, if it starts, will be the most pathetic. This will be a pathetic war, filled with lies and other rumors that doesn't make any sense. I would've be interested, but I don't want to join the army and instead moved to either Colombia or the Canary Islands as my new home.

No seriously, I was thinking about the Civil War rumor. Yes, I saw no bipartisaship between the Democrats and Republicans, but many people don't listen to science or other. They want freedom, brings gun, go to the Midwest like Nomadsland, or any other things they obsessed. But the thing is that many people don't want the vaccine. I can look on the CDC chart and say that most people who don't get a vaccine were Trump supporters. Imagine, if my dad kept screaming at me about politics or vaccines, then I recognize him as a Trump supporter. I can even found a black MAGA hat in his closet and thinking "wait a minute." As I said in the previous article, I am not interested in politics, so I spent the weekends playing ROBLOX and watching videos on my tablet. Civil War maybe coming up if they kept doing this, but thanks to Georgia's victory and Stacy the Great, then we were all fine. All we do is not watching the news anymore. Nope, Republicans strikes again, making Russians happy. If Republicans kept doing bad things, and use cheat codes to win the Senate and the House, is it time for us to confront the right wing? What if the right wing confront us? Do we have to attack the fort in order to start the civil war? Well, just like in the 1860s when the Confederate bombed the fort in South Carolina, which started the American Civil War. Nonetheless, I predict that this decade during the pandemic will be much worse and stupider. Let's face it, over the election, and voting rights for many non-white people, I believe that these people (right wing) didn't know anything about science and history. I guess there will be more conflicts between us and the people itself. I think that there will be another Civil War coming out in the future.

ROBLOX & Hashtags

When I joined ROBLOX in 2009, it looks like I was in nostalgia. Well, apart from LEGO's of course, I fell in love with this game. I created my avatar with shaggy hair, chill face, and some classic 2000s clothes that give us memories.  But fast-foward to right now, and it change everything. We were suffered by ROBLOX for the death of TIX and later replaced by Robux. But the worst part about this game is the chat. I was talking to my friend on Roblox about the games and the incident that occur. I was typing "I love you" to someone who look pretty, and turns out it was covered with hashtags. Hashtags is one of the most annoying thing people had in ROBLOX. It has negative reviews from fans and other communities. It was used to block curse word that was illegal in the website. Some include real names, bad words, romance, sex, or other thing that was illegal to say. It's like when you go to school at age 6 and you were forced to not say a bad word. I was in elementary school, saying the F-bomb in 2nd grade and I slap a teacher in pre-school. Now in high school, you can say whatever you want, but not in ROBLOX. Also, hashtags would ruin the character of each profiles. I customize my avatar in 2016 after the game was released on Xbox. By again, many people were criticize of how hashtags would ruin their chance to say something with another person. What I want to say to ROBLOX is to bring back real names and other things that we want. It could help us say the real name of the avatar, not the real person.

Forcing People to get Vaccinated

Fans of the scheme say that people who have chosen not to be vaccinated won’t be allowed into pubs, nightclubs, shops or airports. On the face of it, this makes sense, so many well-meaning Lefties are wondering why is the administration umming and aahing. The problem is that Lefties believe the general population is mainly lazy and daft. They reckon we need a government to look after us when we are poorly or out of work and that a government is the only organisation capable of providing us with transport, electricity, jobs and housing. So according to our Leftie friends, it’s only right and proper that the Government chooses who goes into a nightclub and who doesn’t. People to the right of centre don’t agree with any of this. They trust the government even when they’re running it. Righties want to be left alone to start a business and earn some money and then do what they like with it. Imagine if the right wing supports billionares, donated money, and realized that they were in debt. They don’t want red tape and planning laws and speed limits. They can make their own decisions, thank you very much. 

Plus, they’ve all seen those spy films set in communist Russia, where government henchmen are on every railway platform, demanding to see every passenger’s “papers”, and it frightens them. They’ve also been to America, where you are required by law to carry your driving licence, your vehicle registration and proof that your car’s insured when you’re out and about. This, to people like Boris, means you are not a free man. You’re a number. A cog in the machine. Forcing people to carry vaccination passports, then, is sinister and Orwellian and unconstitutional at all (according to conservatives). Listen, I am not a Republican or a conservative, but my opinion is this. If you get a passport and decided to pick what type of vaccines you want, it will take an hour or two to wait, because many people were working with nurses and soldiers pick up your passport and move by. It's like having a traffic jam at Chick-Fil-A. So why don’t we let business decide for itself? If an airline says you can only board its planes if you have proof of vaccination, then let them. The same goes for pubs and theme parks and cinemas and theatres and shops. And if a church or an mosque decides to let everyone in whether they’ve been jabbed of not, then that’s up to them as well. Because what’s the alternative? If we go down the route where the Republican government tries to run the scheme, two things will happen: It won’t work. And someone to the right of centre will set up an online business selling fake IDs. Which will make them a fortune.

The Day I Met Marc Anthony

Famous Spanish singer Marc Anthony announced that he will start a world tour concert across the East Coast. It took place in late 2019 and many people were thrilled. People loved him and how his performance changed the landscape of latin music. So my uncle asked me if I should come with him to the concert. The VIP pass would cost $14.99 each, plus $2.99 for a chance to meet him in-person. Even though we have all the money we need, we decided to go. The concert was held at the famous Prudential Center in Newark, and it was a 1 hour drive from here. My mom won't let me go because she was worried about us being lost. She think that we were heading to New York or Staten Island, but we decided to go anyway. My mom was freaking out inside her head, like the Angry character from Inside Out. I brought some belongings before we go, and as we hit the engine and move out, I realized that I forgot my phone charger. We were dealing with traffic and other main things that p***ed us off, but we managed to put outself in good form. Before the concert start, we were hungry. So we decided to go to a nearby Colombian restaurant, which were filled with beans, rice, meat, pears, oranges, and other delicious food. I don't like beans, beans are nasty. Beans makes me vomit. So me and my uncle hang out, eating together and talks about the game that was occured tomorrow morning. And after eating for 30 minutes, we set out.

The concert was held on January 2020, after finishing his tour in Philadelphia. As he set on a plane to Newark, we arrived at the stadium. It was crowded, about 40,000 people waiting outside. Some were from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuardor, and even Argentina were waiting outside as we were waiting far away from the entrance. As we finally enter the stadium, we were lost. We never went to the stadium since we were in Colombia for a football (soccer) game, so we decided to follow its people. Then, we enter the stage. It's like where Justin Bieber's fan were invented. We sat down in the bottom row, and waited for 2 hours as my uncle was busying watching the latest soccer match. 2 hours later, Anthoney arrived at the set. Many people were screaming, cheering, killing themselfs, and I was clapping my hands because I saw him with my eyes. Some people attempted to enter the stage to hug him. It was a great night, as many fans began to cry with tears coming down their eyes. We left early after the end of the concert to avoid crowded areas. We went to the VIP room, which was a meet-and-greet room which you take a picture with Marc. As we lined up, I can't believe I ever met a celebrity in my life. Well yes, I met few celebrities including Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Tiegen, and even Jeremy Clarkson. But meeting someone who sold 50 million copies to the world is an honor. I feel honored to meet him in-person. My step-father is also a big fan of him, but he decided to go fishing instead. But still, meeting Marc Anthony is one of the best person I've ever met. We took a picture, and I bow down to him because he is the best singer of all time. We left the stadium for goods, got some autographs, and we move out. When we got home, my mom was worried about us. She was worried about us moving out to the hotel or something, but we got home. It's amazing to see someone who has a lot of passion and creativity to make better music.

The author's comments:

Civil War II is like the first war, but more stupider than that.

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