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My Opinion about Opinions

August 13, 2009
By SmileyRiley PLATINUM, Tremont, Illinois
SmileyRiley PLATINUM, Tremont, Illinois
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"You can be a victor without having victims and you can stand tall without standing on someone"

Opinions are great. They make us who we are and they make us stand out. What some people don’t realize is how often we make our opinions noted. Whether it’s something as inconsequent as taking pizza over a hot dog at lunch or something as defining as republican or democrat, opinions are everywhere. Having an outlook, attitude, position, view, whatever they’re called is a right. Saying something as simple as “I don’t care” takes that right away from you. For an example, if you just spent four hours on the hottest day of summer mowing and weed-whacking an elderly woman’s lawn and finally, when you finished you walked up to her doorstep, drenched in sweat, sun burnt all over, and when she asked you, “Now sweetie, how much would you like to get paid?” and you tiredly mumbled “I don’t care.” Then she would have the right to pay you five dollars or could give you a plate of the most delicious cookies in the world. But because YOU “didn’t care” YOU don’t have the right to be mad because those three simple words took your opinion and threw it out the window.
Which leads me to my next point… put a value on your opinion! Your opinion should be strictly your own and not swayed by your peers, you family, or teachers. And let’s be honest here, Dr. Phil’s opinion isn’t concerned with what Oprah’s opinion is! So why should your opinion be disturbed by what your friends think? In my group of friends I am the only one who believes in gay marriages and it’s my view, not my friends but that doesn’t mean we can’t be close.
In conclusion, please people, have your OWN opinions, your OWN outlook, and your OWN point of view. And yes, I did just write an opinion piece, about opinions.

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