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Milk Or Cranberry Juice?

September 29, 2009
By Chrissy102 SILVER, San Diego, California
Chrissy102 SILVER, San Diego, California
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So while I lay on the foot of my bed reading a novel I think to myself hm, I'm thirsty. i get up and head to the kitchen. Water wasn't going to satisfy my needs this time. I wanted something with flavor even though anything with flavor usually has a bad aftertaste I was willing to give it a try. I looked in the fridge and I was shockingly dissapointed for a split second then excited at the thought that I only had two options to choose from milk or cranberry juice. As I went to grab for the milk,--it was the first object to catch me eye--I suddenly stopped my hand. It laid in midair desperate to take a break, but I couldn't put it down. I look at the cranberry juice and read the small passage on the side about Antioxidants. Then I glance at the milk and think of my bones and the calcium I was lacking. I had run the mile that exact day so my bones had gotten enough nutrition and strength from that run, so cranberry was all left. Then I look at it and think I did have an apple and banana today maybe I've had enough fruits for the day. More fruit could possibly make me sick. I was so confused. While thinking out loud I thought I'll just mix them. Get the best of both worlds. But as soon as the thought had made its way from my brain to my mouth and slid off of the tip of my tongue I could feel the piercing stare of my sister burning holes into my back. A word from her lips were not needed, neither was a glance I just said, "Never mind, ha ha. What a silly thought!" In the end I did choose cranberry, because milk would go good with the chicken I would have for dinner. But honestly when you have a decision as hard as that to make, choose wisely. Find a way to make it all work somehow. Look at every fact and detail. Think of good and bad, and possibly how it can affect you. Nobody said this life thing would be easy, but they did say be careful.

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This really happened.

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