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November 15, 2009
By kaseyparks PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
kaseyparks PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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i have strong beliefs, but some absence of belief is there too. i think that everything matters, but somehow nothing seems to matter at all. making a lot of money is great, but what to do with it? material items have little impact on me. i know what you're thinking- what teenage girl could possibly say that, and mean it? i don't know, i guess i'm just weird. i believe that if you do have a lot of money, you should use it to better the world. if you have a lot of time, you should volunteer to help some of those who can't even help themselves. if you have a lot of thoughts, write them down. if you're uneducated about something particular, research it. i know that when i hear people talking about something and i actually know what they are discussing, i like to join in on it. it makes me so mad when people try to talk about something they have no idea about. i argue too much, i like getting my point across, and sometimes i may come off as rude- i'm not trying to be though. nobody really ever understands what i'm talking about. i sometimes don't, either.

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