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What I think of the world

December 8, 2009
By karla_ BRONZE, Waynesville, Ohio
karla_ BRONZE, Waynesville, Ohio
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I think that people don't relise that there is a lot of thing going around the world we are so self senter into are lifes that we really don't see the pain in other peoples life.
I am not saying that every body does this what I am trying to say is that we care so much about the people who revolbe around are life and we don't want them to get hert that we don't see other people are heting.
as much as I want to take the pain away I can't tell you lies there are people who hert and have been her by ther friends,family or just by the world.
I hope that next time you see somebody herting you will go to them and let them tell you there story.

The author's comments:
I was hert but I am going to make that pain go away by helping somebody eles who is herting.

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