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Advocacy letter to shopko

January 11, 2010
By alixandria hahn SILVER, North Lake, Wisconsin
alixandria hahn SILVER, North Lake, Wisconsin
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Dear Mr. Macdonald,
I am an employee for Shopko and I enjoy working for this company. Everyone is polite and is very helpful towards one another and customers. My experiences with Shopko have been nothing but positive, however; I do have a suggestion, like an earlier closing time on Sundays.
I recently worked a closing shift on a Sunday. It was my first shift like this and it was my worst. I felt that I had nothing to do since there were no customers in the store after 7:00. I noticed that most of the employees were just simply standing around and talking with one another. I asked my coworker that night if it was always like this on Sunday nights and she responded always. We were getting paid to do nothing but talk. I understand that there are a couple late night shoppers that like to come in an hour before closing, but is how much their purchases are going to be benefiting the company. The company has to pay for all the employees that are working that night, electricity, the heat/air conditioning, ECT. I also understand that other companies are open late also, but the Sussex Shopko is relatively new and doesn’t have as many customers as our competitors do yet.
I am trying to think of what is best for the company and its employees. Shopko is a great store and provides excellent customer service. I doubt you would lose any customers from closing earlier one day a week. If you feel there is no way we could close earlier on Sundays than at least find us more to do. This is only one small issue I, and other employees, have with the company. This small change would be benefiting the company and its employees.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.


The author's comments:
i was motivated to write this because i honestly was bored at work one night.

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