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Judge Not Unto Others and You Will Not Be Judged

March 6, 2010
By Psychic_Sky13 GOLD, York, Pennsylvania
Psychic_Sky13 GOLD, York, Pennsylvania
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How many guys, or girls for that matter, judge someone by their personality before they judge someone's appearance? The answer is probably none or very few. In my opinion, I think we as people should get to know others before we judge them so our minds aren't full of prejudice and preconcieved thoughts. Who cares if your "big-boned" or on the heavy side? If you're heavier and have a good personality, someone of the opposite gender (or same, whichever sexuality you are), will judge you for your appearance before they get to meet you when you may have a great personality. I know firsthand how it is to be judged. I'm one of the youngest (13) in my grade (8th) but I'm one of the tallest (5'11"). I know how people always judge you before they meet you. With me, people always ask me if I play basketball, which I am NOT good at, or if I am a model, which I would actually like to be. But still, people judge you because of how tall, short, skinny, fat, pretty, or ugly beofre knowing what you're like. So, all I'm saying is, before you judge, meet the person so you can know how they are and maybe get along with them. You never know unttil you try! :)

The author's comments:
I just had this idea planted in my head and decided to write it out instead of going on in a rant.

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