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Inspiration, Motivation, Determination

April 25, 2010
By Kate White SILVER, Naperville, Illinois
Kate White SILVER, Naperville, Illinois
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Sometimes there is no inspiration; it's all determination. We are determined to be right, determined to succeed, determined to be the best; just plain old determined. We search so desperatly for some tiny shred of inspiration; that ray of hope that gives life and things a new meaning. Unfortunately, the inspiration is not always there, so we have to go out and make things happen. Determine your fate, don't wait around for anyone else to determine it for you. Dedication and passion are what get us by in life. It's that little spark of genius, a little lightbulb that suddenly turns on inside your head. The AH-HA moments are what get us by. We like to think that every action of ours is inspired by some greater object out there, but the truth is that most of the time we do the things we do because of lack of inspiration. A lack of inspiration or lack of motivation are actually what can get us out there and doing things that we would not normally do because we are determined to do them. Determined to force out a motive for everything. Isn't that all we strive for in life? Motive? That's what gets us by on a day to day basis. Motivation to get up in the morning and to go throughout life living the best way we can. But in my world, that motivation and that inspiration is usually overshadowed by my determined spirit. If I just sat around and waited for inspiration to hit me, I might be sitting at my computer until I am 100 years old. So I go out and I create my own motivation. Go create yours.

The author's comments:
Haha I find this box funny because its supposed to be about the inspiration behind the piece. Well let me tell you, there was no inspiration. Zero, zilch, nada. I sat at my desk and I stared at the blank computer screen that was mocking me so cruely with it's blinking cursor. So there was no inspiration, no motivation, just determination :)

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