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December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Is procrastination a serious problem? I hate to say it, but yes it is. Procrastination can cause you to not finish or even get started on what you need to do. But, I have found a way to defeat the awful, yet sometimes enjoyable (while skipping out on what you’re supposed to be doing), curse of procrastination. I believe that sometimes it’s best to take the easy way out.
I procrastinate, so sometimes taking the easy way out is the only way to get things done. In all honesty, I chose this topic because it was the easiest choice. I procrastinated with my homework of choosing a topic and writing two paragraphs about it. So, I decided to use this story as a story.
But, procrastination wasn’t the only case where it was best to take the easy way out. I missed three days of school once. But, it wasn’t the best time to be sick, there was a project due that Friday. So, I only had Thursday to work on my project. My teacher wouldn’t give me any more time to work on it, so I had to pick the easiest topic that I could think of, just to finish my project. I finished it on time and got a good grade, but if I had chose to do a more challenging topic I never would have finished it.
School work is not the only reason to take the easy way out. Some of my friends were fighting with another friend of mine, luckily it didn’t lead to violence. But, they were, in a way, pressuring me to choose sides. I decided to stay neutral. No one’s happy, no one’s sad, and it was the best way out for me. I didn’t lose any friends and I stayed out of an argument. So, in that case it helped to choose the easy way out.
So in my defense, I’m not lazy, I’m smart. Even though I don’t take the time to do stuff well, I still get stuff done. You’ll never get tired of being lazy, I still procrastinate and I still turn my homework in (sometimes or eventually).

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