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The issue of immigration

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

Watch Out America I was reading an article submitted to Teen ink and it made me thinkÉ. Immigration is indeed a big issue. But people donÕt understand the fact that its not simply kicking people out of our country. People who are immigrants or have relations to them sometimes donÕt look at it the other way and just on an emotional note. These people are coming to our country and benefiting off of us. So is there government, thatÕs why they fight us with the fact that we should lighten up on immigration laws. Lets use the Mexicans for an example since they are the biggest problem right now when it comes to America. They send Billions back to there country a year. But when you ask the people in charge they say we should lighten up because where ever there is a Mexican there is Mexico. I would say thatÕs a load of crap because if that was the case we would have no order in this country or anywhere in the world. But while we Americans fight to keep the Mexicans out, someone is pulling Bushes strings and making him lighten up. Like now they extended how far a truck from Mexico can drive. It used to be 20 miles. All I can say is watch out America, be careful who you vote for, not only bush is ruining our country

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