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True Meaning Of Negative Drama

March 17, 2012
By Awakening08 BRONZE, Ardmore, Oklahoma
Awakening08 BRONZE, Ardmore, Oklahoma
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*Drama- opposite of love, brings the bad out of people.
~Talking about someone behind their back- making drama worse than it should be.
~Complaining about it(saying you hate this or drama)- making it worse yet again and making yourself suffer. Don't blame it on someone else that you made you own self mad.

*Drama - Something useless, only negative people possesses it, waste of time. Got better things to do than do have this. Unnecessary stuff that people started to get attention, but it doesn't work.

Positive person-(*Cough *Cough)

Negative person: - Why are I coughing by me? Cough somewhere else. You're just doing that on purpose.

Positive person- Sorry. I'm allergic to negative people. But I will be glad to pray for you to get more positive and appreciate the life God has gave you.

Negative person: Smarty. Quit thinking you are a know it all. You're just worthless nobody who thinks is so special ,but is just low life loser

Positive person: Thank you for that compliment. I know who I am and I'm not afraid to stand up for myself. I carry myself with determination to overcome the negative and all the struggles in my life. I don't live from my horrible past. I live for a great future.

Negative person: Are you high? I'm just going to go home and prepare for another horrible day. You're not worth my time. You're just a wannabe who wants to be friends with the whole world when one day they are going to turn their backs on you. You keep being special and dumb and you'll realize how stupid you are for trying to bring peace.

Positive person- (*cough) (walks away) Before I go let me tell you this. Negative people aren't worth my time. Negative teachers aren't worth my learning. Negative followers ain't worth being in my line. And the dark fire ain't worth my burning. I don't make friends with a lot of people, because I only hang out with real people. So while I have friends, you will be alone with no friends. I don't need no one telling me who to be. I have my own destiny. I have my ow path I lead, Not Follow. You're just a follower who follows what other people say. I got my own opinion and don't need no advise from others. I'm my own person. And you are just a drama starter. You bring the negative on yourself. Don't go blaming on somebody else because of what they did. It's on you because you let them do it. Now you have to carry the burden I don't live in the past. I head for the future. It's not learning from your mistakes like other people say. I learn from the struggles I face everyday. I don't complain about the stupid things that people are doing. Worry about yourself before others. That's their life let them learn from it. Grow up. And even if you don't agree, God didn't put me on this Earth to please you.

The author's comments:
I just felt like writing about my life right now. I just seems that every day is just drama and people just talk about it instead of standing up and stopping it

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