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Not Watching the Olympics.

August 11, 2008
By reneeannxyz PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
reneeannxyz PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
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I wanted to watch the Olympics and get involved, honestly. I wanted to sit down and watch with my family, I wanted to be a part of the world. I wanted to be connected, and to know that I was a part of the world, not just an individual. And the first night I attempted to do so, I felt empty. I felt sick and my heart felt as if it had been through a meat grinder. I ran to the bathroom, thinking I was getting sick. However, I later realized it was not tangible sickness, but emotional distress. I'm not sure how exactly it happened, but it hit me that I was not spending my time productively.

Before I go on, I should be clear. I'm not saying everyone who watches the Olympics is wasting their time, but for me, sitting down watching television for entertainment, did not feel right anymore. I felt like I was betraying myself and my beliefs. A few months ago, I promised myself to stand up, even if I was alone. I promised to make a difference, I promised to do everything I could to make my voice known, and to fight for my beliefs. When the Olympics came, and I started to watch, I felt guilty. It seemed was betraying my belief of Pro-Life.

Please, don't assume that I'm judging everyone who does watch the Olympics. I am not calling for a boycott, I do not want everyone to scream and start a protest. I am not saying watching the Olympics makes anyone Pro-Choice.

I'm only answering the question I have received many times this week.
"Renee, why aren't you watching the Olympics?"

This is my choice, and my opinion. This is not a movement, this is not a beginning to another activist project. Although I am involved in many of these things, this is simply not the case right now.

To continue with my answer, I am not watching the Olympics. It begins with China. In China, women are forced to have abortions, based on how many child they already have. China has a "one child policy," which makes it more than legal to abort a second child. Not only have I learned about China and the “one child policy” in school, but I have done countless hours of research on the topic. Being a Pro-Life supporter, I find it necessary to study every topic and every article.

CSN NEWS: "The government claims it has successfully prevented 250 million births since it was introduced." That means that more than 250 MILLION children in China have already been murdered.

In a world where I'm simply fighting to make it illegal to murder another life, any life... my own gender is purposely being murdered. China makes it clear that men are superior to women, and the men clearly outnumber women. Not only are “extra” second children murdered, but almost all girls are being murdered, simply for the reason of gender. Once again, as I sat down to watch the Olympics, my heart fell into little pieces and I realized what was going on in China, "behind the scenes." I could not allow myself to sit and ignorantly watch. At the exact moment, hundreds of children were dying, intentionally. I knew it wasn't right for me to sit and do nothing. I knew I could spend my time doing something to help. While everyone is watching the Olympics, I could plan, write, anything, -to take a stand. This is my personal feeling and thought. I have recently realized that I am on this planet for a bigger reason. Perhaps I’m here to help, or maybe I’m just here to write. I’m not sure what my purpose is, and I don’t intend on ever knowing the exact answer, but I know that being Pro-Life is something I will always agree with, and I can offer my entirety to the movement. Knowing the background information of China, and knowing that the worlds is in worse condition than ever before, I cannot sit around doing nothing. It only seems right for me to turn off my television and pay attention to more important details.

To every athlete participation, I’m sorry if it offends you to know someone is not watching. But, for the sake of mankind, for the sake of my soul and the future, I have to do this. Thank you.

The author's comments:
This is a very controversial piece, and I’ve been discussing the article with many people. I’m not sure if it will even be considered, but I hope with everything have that it is published… because the world needs to know what is going on in life, and what problems exist.

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on Apr. 7 2010 at 8:43 pm
KICK3593 PLATINUM, Roslyn Heights, New York
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For a moment, I thought you were talking about Canada! phew...

I think it was strong of you to follow through with your feelings, and I do agree with you on certain points. On all matters, the Olympic Games of 2008 created a ceremony for the gathering of the sportsmanship of many athletes, but possibly by putting a physical burden on many an anonymous, tortured soul. I don't think anyone would understand how hundreds of millions of dollars were spent just on an artistic event while many people's circumstances are a hundred times more arid.

Unfortunately, circumstances and facts are quite capable at getting as black and white as this, and so personally I am sorry that you had to do what you did. Your action is justified, but altogether too bad.