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Take Control

August 20, 2013
By ElvenGlory GOLD, Pocatello, Idaho
ElvenGlory GOLD, Pocatello, Idaho
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Everyone says that there are so many paths or roads to follow, what if you want to make your own path and tired of following others? What if you've been traveling along the same road looking for a way out, but find yourself going in circles? What if the path isn't the one you want? What if you want to make your own life and are tired of having people tell you your options? What if you want to make yourself your own option? One that someone hasn't thought up before, one that explains you, and what you want to do. Pretty big if, but it's time many of us stand up for what we want, and what we believe in. It's time we took control.

The author's comments:
I only had a few options for my future careers, but i wanted more, so i took control, now i have more

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