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Painting a picture

September 17, 2013
By BeeQueen14 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
BeeQueen14 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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I believe art is the best way to express ones-self and it has impacted many lives’ through out the centuries. Did you know many of the art you see today were from self expression? Many artists have shown feeling through their art. Such as in Leonardo Da Vinci’s time France’s paintings were all people with smiles. It was believed back then that art should always be happy. Da Vinci wanted to show his own view and that life was not always happy. Soon low and behold the Mona Lisa was born. That painting is of Da Vinci’s opinion through art self-expression. Inspite of all the ways Da Vinci could have expressed his opinion he chose to show it through art. Today his message still stands and makes us still wonder why the Mona Lisa looks the way she does.
Many people believe they can’t do any kind of art. The truth is that those people won’t even try. Remember that saying that your parents use to say to you? “How do you know if you don’t try?” Well, take this into perspective I went from a three-year-old doodle to a 9th grade artist. This is all because I tried my best. My art shows my emotions and expressions. This won’t always be the case for most people though. As a result of my experience I can say confidently that anyone can be talented in art too.
You probably think art is just all painting and draw, but it’s not. Yeah! I know shocking. Writing, Ballet, music, and dance are also types of art. In writing one can use descriptive words on paper to show self-expression. Using descriptive words can express more thoroughly what a feeling you’re trying to give off is. In Ballet it is mostly the visual and body language to show the expression. same thing with any dance or song. Remember the beats, word and feeling that the effect it might have on someone. Thou will now think of writing, ballet, music, and dance as a type of art too.
Art has change how some people like me, see the world and how it make’s us feel. Since we were young we have had big imaginations and could imagine everything and anything. I would use nature to my advantage while others would use other things to their advantage. Inspirations for me to imagine were fantasy creatures or fairytales like the one’s some one would hear today. Some people can’t understand how we can see images in everything, but we know it makes us special. Some people around my age, 12-15, forget how to use it and don’t care to either. Although most people will stop imaging we will not because the way we view the world is unique and the world needs more uniqueness.
Art has many forms, designs, and technique’s that many people use to express themselves in their own way. Self expression means to me that some individual is unique and point of view. Expressing one’s self through art will always be a part of all people and it will live on until the end of humanity. We hope someone with agree with us who do believe that art maybe the best way to express ones self. Regardless of what kind of art you do I believe art will always be the best way to express ones self.

The author's comments:
I love art and I have pation for it and I hope to show my art one day on teen ink.

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