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Too Much Screen Time

January 30, 2014
By BeeQueen14 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
BeeQueen14 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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What is happening? Our world is overrun with technology that is what is happening. In this time in age teenagers such as myself have become addicted to technology. and being born in this time as technology is growing it is hard not to want it more and more. Experts say that the same part of the brain is stimulated with both texting and drugs, meaning texting gives someone close to the same feeling one would get if addicted to drugs. This is a sign that technology can become an essential thing in life . One would not think that there are risks from technology, but it can cause anxiety, sleep disorders, poor diet, stress levels rise, pattern in mood, and the list goes on. Mental disorders are the biggest in the risks of the list. An average teen sends 3,000 texts a month, thats 36,000 texts in one year. It has also been proven that Kids 8-18 spend on average 10 hours and 45 minutes a day on any device. The numbers keep growing as the population and technology grows. Technology is making teens move away from activities they use to enjoy and their ability to enjoy themselves with myself included will play on a device for all hours of the night and day. My mood would always swing and my family would notice and did not know what to do or how to help me. Before, I use to be very active, always outside jumping, happy, never out of energy, but soon on 90% of the time I would be inside on the couch doing something on my phone only going outside when my parents wanted me too. Thinking back staying on the phone or computer was not the best idea. Now things are extremely different like going out with my friends trying to socialize and do normal teenage thing one would see in 90’s movies. Happy without so much technology. People have told me that no one really cares how it affects them only that it make things easier. I tell them “well not everyone does not care.” If your parents are like mine they miss how kids would go out and see your friends at a park or do something other than being inside.” Yes! it does make it easier, but it is better to go out and learn it and have fun knowing that it took work to find it out and have that feeling of having accomplished something.” They have also asked what do they do if they really want to get on their phone? I tell them that they need to be distracted like being with friends or doing something you enjoy. Technology has been growing with our need for it and many people in the world could agree. The truth is we can live with little than no technology. In conclusion technology affects everyone especially teens and we should get our heads out of technology and into our lives because one only gets one life better live it before it is gone.

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