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Choose to be Optimistic

November 12, 2014
By balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
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people say that changes in life are acceptable...but whats true....
the changes are not acceptable but its adaptable

The beautiful achievement of being optimistic is that whatever may be the perspective,however may be the thoughts at the end we see the "good" the ultimate.When the child is born,we love seeing the infrant cry.Even the moment of birth if a baby dont cry also doctors do make it cry to ensure the baby is normal.That actually make s every mother smile which is priceless.So crying is something which is a sign of good thats the optimistic part from the birth.But as we grow up the crying tend to get some value.We tag it with a materialistic price.Yes! we cry for our deeds,desires,values etc.As we start accumulating the materialistic wealth we loose our biggest enjoyment in small things.We talk about self esteem,dignity,self respec..Will tthat all be equivlent in making a child laugh? Only due to this we are not able to accept our own failures.We think our character value depends on what others think about us and not about what we are.In life,we should have done mistakes,that may be in daily life too.But at the end of the day we should have a feeling that its us and only us who had been a reason for what we are and start loving thyself.

   If we fail,we should hace a attitude ttaht we are not influenced by others to fail hence there you appreciate and try to be optimistic.Today we see lots of suicides.Is it all because someone tends us to suicide ? No not at all,even when the whole world hates you just be open minded and optimistic that you love yourself and you love being failed.Have a satisfaction that we have done what we feel like doing that we have done it from heart.And the exact definition of suicide is that "people choose another option to choose to prove themselves a failure piece" We say we are open minded..bus does we really? Then why dont we accept our failures.Its because we are pesimistic and not optismistic.Life becomes complicated when we try to make it soimple.So choose to be OPTIMISTIC and feel the breeze even in the wind.

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people choose another option to prove themseleves and the world that they are a failure piece again

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