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132 Dreams. Butchered.

August 8, 2015
By wordtea GOLD, Delhi, Other
wordtea GOLD, Delhi, Other
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Nothing approved as a religion on this planet teaches, or has ever taught that it is okay to kill. No holy scripture says that it is right to murder children, the children who might not have even known how to speak properly, the children who had dreams of becoming doctors or astronauts or writers. No verse in these books says that it is acceptable to massacre these dreams, the dreams which were not even completely dreamt.

It has never, never been considered brave to murder dreams, and those who dream them. It is cowardice. It is fear. The fear of what these dreams could do, the fear that these little dreamers would break the walls of horror that cowards built. And with what? Just a few books in their tiny hands.

Is that what humanity, the facets that make us human beings, the most evolved species on this planet, is about? Is this why we've developed and grown and advanced so much? To kill mercilessly in the name of religion or god or revenge?

It's not. It’s not about any religion. And it’s surely not about belonging to a country, these fake and immaterial frontiers created by our race. It’s about being a person. It’s about reaching out, and forgiveness. It's about growing more and more into a better person, not falling back to our primitive instinctual traits. Believing in a religion isn't wrong, but aren't religions supposed to teach us the worth of mercy, pity and love? Isn't that a dimension common to all faiths?

If terrorism does not have a religion, then why should humanity?

The author's comments:

This is my personal response, written in December 2014, to the Peshawar (a city in Pakistan) school massacre, where 132 innocent children lost their lives to the hands of coward militants. This incident affected me deeply on a psychic level, and thinking about it still does.

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