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November 23, 2015
By AmazinGracey PLATINUM, Wilmington, Delaware
AmazinGracey PLATINUM, Wilmington, Delaware
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“Creation” used to describe our existence, implies that we were once created. “To create” is a verb, implying that something must have acted upon something else, hence creating the something new. In this case, the creation of the universe. I never understood the theory of The Big Bang; some may argue that the Big Bang ‘created’ everything, or ‘creation’ was cause by The Big Bang. But my question is, what or who, created The Big Bang? For my understanding of creation, a living being or object must have had something to do with the process, as things cannot just randomly appear. How can something come from nothing? No plan, just suddenly: everything. I may be biased, and I probably am quite, due to my strong belief in God, and his Creation, but I also understand that one may argue, “Well, if God created everything, who created God?” And would God be considered a living being, or is His higher power something completely different?

This is something that I don’t know. It seems that in both cases, the same questions are asked. That’s where faith comes in. Faith sounds religious, but isn’t always so. Many non-religious people run away from the idea of faith, thinking it has to do with religion. Many people who are strictly science based, despise any religious based ideas, that there are no facts, only beliefs. Although, isn’t that just what faith is? Belief. And there’s nothing wrong with it. Plenty of inventions, ideas, and theories begin as a belief. Then, they are backed up with facts and experiments. We believe in many things: God, science, true love, happiness, evolution, etc. You may put faith in things daily, without even thinking twice about it. I put faith in people, ideas, and myself. I put faith in the things that I don’t have answers for, and a lot of times, faith comes with acceptance. You have to accept that you may not have all the answers to a question, which doesn’t make it false, it just doesn’t make it untrue.

I think that’s one of the major problems with humanity today: we have no patience. And I speak of ‘we’ as a whole, not individuals. A lot of people think, “If there is no evidence, it must be false. If you can’t prove it, I don’t believe it.” We may have those answers someday, whether it be from more scientific research, or from God. But having the tolerance and patience to wait for any answer, that’s faith. Faith is believing in the answers before they’re proven. In this day and age, many people are strictly split between the two major ideas of science and religion. I have still yet to understand, why must one choose? Why can’t you have faith in both?

I rely on many medications to get myself through the day, but I also pray. To me, prayer is not for anyone else but yourself. It is a connection, an understanding, between you and God. Nobody knows exactly who or what God is, but just like science, there are theories. If we don’t yet know how God was created, but still believe in the theory of The Big Bang, which is not a fact but indeed a theory, meaning that it has not been proven untrue, wouldn’t religion be a theory as well? In reliance upon the Big Bang theory, faith is still present; we are hoping, believing and putting faith in the idea that there is nothing that has out proven the idea of the Big Bang theory. Many could argue that science disproves religion, but a religious person, who actually puts the same faith that a science believing person puts in The Big Bang theory, in God’s creation; well then isn’t Gods creation a theory as well?

My final argument is that if these two opposing ideas, science and religion, are theories, and there are many out there some with similar motives and some disproving others, the main point being that these theories can coexist. No theory is more false or truer than another, it is just more believed. I believe in the validity of science and factual evidence. I respect the rigorous data, and that does not mean that I have to believe every word of it or my put life into it. The same applies for religion; As a Christian, there are many theories that have been made, and different beliefs that I necessarily don't believe. I put my faith in God, as well as science, and there shouldn't be anything wrong with that. To me, it makes more sense to believe that there is a higher being behind my creation, rather than a spontaneous bang. This does not mean that the Big Bang theory, or any other theory, is wrong, it is just my opinion. The nature of faith, means belief without evidence. It is immense trust. So why can't we use science for what we know, and religion for what we can't explain? I know it is easier said than done, but I truly believe that the error is in humanity. We are always looking for competition, the evil in the world, which we can't fix, only learn to live with and counteract with goodness. Many people who live so bitterly do not understand the basic idea of acceptance and love.

We are all created equally, whether it was a reaction or a mystical God above us. The idea of life isn't about fighting each other, or to figure out all the answers; we are all going to die regardless. If we as a race learn to love each other, maybe you won't care how you got here, only how you go.

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