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Your Perfect Companion

November 15, 2016
By KKbubbles_12 SILVER, Charles City, Iowa
KKbubbles_12 SILVER, Charles City, Iowa
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If you’re tied between a dog and a cat to be your first companion, then I’m here to tell you that a cat would be the best choice. They are easier to clean up after, cost less money, and are just plain easy to live with!


Cats’ business is easier to clean up, I mean all you have to do is clean the litter-box every other day or so. Easy, right? Well, for dogs, every few hours, hours, you have to get up, stop what you're doing, and let them out. Plus, you have to poop-scoop afterwards.

Then there's the shedding. Now, cats shed, yes, but not as much as most dogs. A German Shepherd, for example, has a “shed fest” once a year, on top of a double coat. Wow! On the other hand, a typical long-haired cat requires brushing about once every week. Thats a lot better.

On average, if you adopt a kitten that's under a year from the Humane Society, the fees will be $109 exact. $247  exact is the fees for a puppy under a year. Plus, you have to buy accessories, such as beds. At Petco, a fancy dog bed costs $59.99. A fancy cat bed, however, costs $9.99. Big difference, huh?

Yes, cats would be better for a calmer person, but they can also be active, too. You can always just buy a cat toy, and your cat will most likely go CRAZY. Some cats even go for walks with their owners! If you have an outdoor cat, they will hunt their own food, and that would be GREAT exercise. Cats also have a soft side, and they have a calming purr when you pet them. Dogs, on the other hand, have to constantly follow you around. They also pant a LOT. Begging is another big thing that dogs do, whether it’s to get your attention, or to get some food. So, would you rather have a panting dog at your feet, or a purring cat to snuggle with who can leave you alone at times?

All in all, I’m saying that cats would be the easiest pet to have, whether it’s cost, care, or life. You don’t have to hate dogs, but I hope you choose a cat to be your new companion.

The author's comments:

This was also an assignment from 6th grade adn would love to have lots of comments on how I could make it better.

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