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Poetic Injection MAG

By Anonymous

I’ll pierce you with a poetic injection.
Flow down your veins like a contagious infection.
Leaving you lyrically wounded.
Your open pores yearning for more of my perfection.
Kids listening to reggaeton like it’s fairy tales.
It’s sad that our generation has to go through this same thing.
Getting confused, they think rap is like poetry.
I bring blessings and sense to this senseless country.
I will not sit back and let this world rot.
I spit potions that grow roses from the concrete to make this so-called The Bronx look more prolific.
To give your children a better place to live.
I’ll tag up the buildings with Malcolm’s quotes, lyrics, Luther’s dreams, Shakespeare’s poetic lines, Che’s

face, and Basquiat’s paintings, so your children can know

who the leaders of yesterday were so they can become the

leaders of tomorrow.
I’ll fill up every school with blank textbooks so they can start

a new history. So they can create their own legacy.
I’ll write invisible words on mirrors the kids can read. So

every morning they know how beautiful they are and

people will see,
That we don’t want to be put down, that we are not wasting

time and just sitting around.
Let’s do something; prove them wrong that we can do

anything except nothing.
And if it’s possible, do everything.
Because what is waiting for us out there, it’s not like

anything we have ever seen. So show off, be proud,

and be obscene.
Read and write, stop following. Just lead. It’s time to be

selfless. Forget about greed. Don’t try to impress anyone.

Just be the only person you can be.

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