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Operations: Iraqi Freedom MAG

By Anonymous

     People have different opinions of the war in Iraq but not too many have an opinion and know someone who died over there. I’m here, one of the latter, to state my opinion.

So many things have happened - terrorist attacks led to 9/11, which led to the war in Iraq, which caused the death of my brother, Anthony O’Neil Cardinal. He was my hero. He was the one I could talk to when things went wrong, the one who took care of me when no one else could. I’ll admit that he was the only one I would listen to. Now he’s gone, just a memory in the back of my head and the front of my heart.

The President needs to wake up! We have no reason to be in Iraq. They don’t even want us there; why do you think our soldiers are killed there every day? Trust me, this is not how people show gratitude, even if they are from a different society. We spend more money on Iraq than we do in our own country. We need to get out and let them handle their country and take care of ours. Save the tragedies, heartaches, and deaths. Don’t think just of the families over in Iraq. Save our families here, in the United States.

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