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April 13, 2009
By Toxic_Wasteland PLATINUM, Andowver, New Jersey
Toxic_Wasteland PLATINUM, Andowver, New Jersey
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Ok, now before i go on please note that if you are very religion oruianted I would very much apperciate your feedback thank you...

So we all pretty much think that what you do in your life depends on if your going to heaven or Hell right.. well I disagree, how can there be such a thing as hell??? God forgives as the bible says so no matter what you do you can't go to hell... god loves all his children so how could he possibly put one of his children to burn in hell.

I will say I do talk about me going to hell but i do not find it actually true. you can't be sent to hell, I don't see why God would want to see his children suffer. We were put on Earth to make mistakes and learn. no matter what we do that is incrediblely wrong we can't be put in hell.

Now please leave your words, I wrote this because I was thinking about it and I thought well maybe there is no hella nd it was bothering me all day so i had to voice my opinion and say something so please leave comments (positive and negative)!!!!

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on Jun. 24 2009 at 1:51 pm
lyricist PLATINUM, West Pittston, Pennsylvania
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i kind of agree with you becuase God is well God and I cant see if hes an all-forgiving God as everyone says he is then he couldnt send anyone to hell. So we humnas screw up all the time, and he wants us to be good people. Maybe its like when your parents tell you if you dont clean your room you cant go to Mcdonalds later? I think it might be God's way of saying, get your life straightened out or else you'll go to hell... but i dont think God would actually send us to hell.

on Apr. 21 2009 at 4:06 am
Color*My*World BRONZE, Bellows Falls, Vermont
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I think God does love all of us, But I also believe in hell. We were first put on this earth to be companions for God but then sinned. Because we sinned Jesus came to earth to cleanse us of our sins, but to be cleansed we need to believe in Jesus. God can't stand sin because he's perfect, so anyone that doesn't believe that Jesus is God's son still has sin and has to go to hell because he can't stand sin so close to him in heaven. Well, that's what I think at least..