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The somber photo

June 9, 2009
By SRobserver GOLD, Montreal, Other
SRobserver GOLD, Montreal, Other
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On a regular sunny afternoon I was flipping through the daily newspaper looking for something interesting to read. I was not as engrossed as I usually am, for nothing in particular had caught my eye. Scanning through the first couple of pages, I then approached the politics section looking for a peace of news that will blow me away, a knock your socks off story as they call it. All of a sudden the most peculiar picture grabbed my attention. It was of a wounded little boy on a stretcher, his head tied with gauze and tape, and his chest was bearing the signs of recent injury. As there were wars going on around the world, and a lot of injustice being compelled we are not unaccustomed to seeing these types of photos. The odd thing was that this child's mouth was stretched in what resembled a grin. Aghast I glanced once more, for someone in pain could not possibly wear a grin on his or her face. A second glance told me I was horribly wrong. This was no a grin; it was a suppressed cry of pain and terror. I was appalled; no child should ever have that look crease their beautiful innocent face, robbing it from its innocence. No mother should ever have to look at her son or daughter wither away in pain and feel as if her heart were smashed into a million pieces. We need to stop this! We need to fight!
Fight for the justice, and freedom of our children, fight for their rights to live and thrive, fight so that war disappears , fight so that we never see that bone chilling look again.

The author's comments:
I am passionate about human right issues. I believe that war has scarred people deeply and it should stop for good. I hope with these few words to reach people world wide, and get them to speak on behalf of the students who cant speak for themselves

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Lomy said...
on Jun. 19 2009 at 8:39 pm
1stly u know 'm ur biggest fans coz i care a lot about human rights too. I really like this one coz it's simply amazig and very meanful .. and what I most admire about u is that u're very honset in ur writtings, it comes directly form ur heart .. coz u're deeply feeling what u're writting that's why it blooms in the best way it can . luv u sis