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Presidential Election

October 26, 2009
By JAZLIZZLE SILVER, Sacramento, California
JAZLIZZLE SILVER, Sacramento, California
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This past election was by far the most historical. Either the first woman vice president would be elected, or the first black president would be elected. For some people, it was the change they’ve waited for all their lives, and for others it was a chance to get the Republican Party out of the Oval Office. Many had been waiting eight years for Bush’s “retirement” from Presidency. Of the two Presidential candidates, John McCain was not the best choice for the job of running our country.

McCain and would only get us deeper into the disaster that Bush has put us in. Their supporters were mere clones of them, and they do not need to spread their conservative views around America. McCain wanted to keep us in Iraq, which would keep us in and further our already crippling debt. His choice of Palin as a running mate was indeed suspicious. She doesn’t seem to know exactly what she would be getting herself into as Vice President. McCain was accused of adding Palin because she was a woman, not based on her qualifications. Taegan Goddard, a writer for the Political Insider, says that McCain made a terrible decision by choosing Palin as a running mate instead of former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. Goddard stated that she brought his campaign down while Romney would have given him an actual chance to win. This poor judgment left some with doubts that he is best to run our country. Others claimed that McCain was too much like Bush to be elected. They felt that electing McCain and Palin would be the same as re-electing Bush into office, which was not an option.

If John McCain had won, he would put too many conservatives into power, which isn’t good for the United States. Our government should be totally diverse, with many different political parties helping make our country great. That is what would truly make our country the best. We seem to think that we have the best system of government because the citizens have a say in who runs the country. However, in the past we have done things in a way that would have been done in a Socialist country, or anywhere in Europe. Also, religion would again become an influence in the law. Republicans have been known to be very religious, and with Palin and McCain in office, there would most likely be a national ban of abortion and gay marriage. This compromises the personal rights of the citizens and makes us as a country look more hypocritical to the rest of the world than ever.

Some McCain supporters claim that Obama is not an actual citizen of the U.S. This is very untrue because although his father was indeed Kenyan, Barrack was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. This makes him a U.S. citizen since Hawaii has been a state since 1959. Other Obama supporters state that he is a terrorist based on his ties to William Ayers. In actuality, Ayers was a radical anti-war activist in the 1960s. True, his tactics may not have been acceptable, but it doesn’t make him a terrorist. People also use Obama’s name as proof that he is a terrorist, but this only proves that the United States is still crawling with closed-minded and ignorant people.

In conclusion, this election will definitely go down in history books as one of the biggest changes in American history. I think the best candidate won and McCain wasn’t the one. We have the first black president and the aftermath has been very enjoyable since most McCain supporters took their loss very maturely. This comes as a complete shock to me because throughout the election they were dragging Obama’s name through the mud. Perhaps they realized that in order to make our country worth living in, we must be accepting and unite to fix our problems. Our President-Elect cannot do this alone and he needs our support and voices. After all, who else knows what’s best for the United States besides the citizens who live there? So don’t fret over the defeat of your chosen candidate, celebrate change and learn to have hope in someone who may think differently than you do.

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