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my stand on politics..the real thing.

December 20, 2009
By cheywan♥♥ DIAMOND, Fritch, Texas
cheywan♥♥ DIAMOND, Fritch, Texas
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Im just a fifteen year old girl in this big huge world. I don't personally know Obama and i have never met a president. I don't dream of being the first woman president. I'm probably not going to be the next miley cyrus. and im not much different than any of you guys. but what i do know is that obama is our president. and no matter what anyone in the world thinks about him, he is going to be making some very big decisions in our lives for the next 4 to 8 years. and even though you may not like him i feel like we need to be more unified as a country then we have been. because i for one can't walk two steps without hearing someone complain about their health insurance or the economy. and i don't know anything about this. don't get my wrong. i don't really watch the news. i dont' read the newspaper. but Obama is the president and he is important now no matter what anyone says. and complaining is not going to get anything done. immature children complain when something doesn't go the way the want. but mature and reasonable adults do something real about it. they make real civilized protests with petitions and strongly worded letters(lol) to the court to get what they want settled. throwing a hissy fit never got me my way when i was a child and you adults can't expect to get everything they want by complaing.
my thoughts on this subject is irrelevant. i don't have a thought. i just believe that no matter what we think, we've made that pledge of alleigence to the united states of america more times then we can count. if you would actually listen to the words then you would know all the passion and determination and commitment that went behind the making of america. so show some pride and stand behind your country for once. because i am an american and i wouldn't trade it for anything. i love my country no matter who is behind the big desk. you?

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