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The Presidential Election

August 2, 2012
By Nabilah SILVER, Sawyer, Michigan
Nabilah SILVER, Sawyer, Michigan
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The presidential election is coming soon, and the ads won’t let us forget it. You see on the screen that Obama is cutting millions of dollars of health care or how Romney is involved in some bogus scandal. How do we know the truth? If we were to believe these adds then we should also believe the other adds like those commercials of how if you use this product than you will drop pounds in weeks. My point is how are we suppose to know the truth of our presidents intentions for this country, if they are really empathetic or just a good actor.

Let me start out with why a lot of us vote for who we vote for which is two simple words; Political Party. If your parents are democratic, most likely you are, and maybe because people from that party agree with the same thing on a couple of issue, such as women's cjoices, Medicare, or tax cuts. If these issues are dealt your way, is this country going to be a better place? I think we should focus on the main idea, not all the details on what the president's health care law is cutting, because no one’s perfect, even the president. Just because that person is in the same party as you, doesn’t mean you should vote for them as president, you should look at them through fresh eyes; see what they want to get done, and how they are willing to do that. When I ask why you voted for this person, I just hate hearing because I’m a democrat or republican.

The second problem is that as the years pass by, the less and less informed we have become. We have so many prominent resources we can use to find out information but we don’t use it. Remember parents are a role model and teaching them to dislike and judge a political figure because of their color or what religion they could be will create these kinds of voters in the future. Where I lived was a mostly white community and most of them would insult Obama because they think *gasp* he’s secretly a Muslim or some conspiracy theory of how he’s not born in America, which I think is ridiculous. When you don’t search about this person on reliable resources and hear things like that about a political figure, it isn’t politics, it’s just gossip.

What I really want is to inform teens that you’re entitled to your opinion, but if you’re going to vote in the future please make a decision based on reliable information, and not just what your parents and peers tell you. If you want to help your country the least you can do is try to pick the best leader for your country maturely, and decisively. I know it would be a lot easier just to listen to the adds, your friends and your parents, but if you listened to the add about the weight loss commercial and bought into it, you may be disappointed, but your vote is something you can’t take back.

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