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The Power to Survive

December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Our world never ceases to demonstrate the processes upon which we all abide by, the economy and our society. As people throughout the modern and ancient world, war is evident, we cannot change that. The purpose of life is to bring something that the world has never encountered before, each person giving a hand in creating the melting pot that is the fabrication of our world. The world never slows down, letting people slide behind and leaving all sorts of people in turmoil, where we cannot help. How can one person’s mind change the whole world’s perception of our humanity? The answer is… we cannot. Striving for change is a necessary divulgence that we must go through to further advance our perception of not just our world, but the people around it.

“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”-William Shakespeare. The world is ever-changing, and our roles on earth further persuade the genetics of the world as a whole. This quote by William Shakespeare shows the contingencies of how each person’s efforts into bettering our world may not only provide for the better of our futures, but to further keep our world intact. Each person independently plays a role in advancing the daily strides people hundreds of years ago would never be able to imagine. From the invention of electricity to the first automobile, we have encountered daily indulgences that we take for granted and through our economic turmoil, we still cease to survive as united people, not separated by countries or race, but as a united people. Starvation is evident all throughout this world’s third-world countries, where we try to help, but most people are too self-absorbed in their misconceptions that bring forth the downfall of our unity. Many people often wish for the possessions that we take for granted, giving us a lackluster sense of a true mentality; striving to make the world a better place.

The 21st century has been marked as a century for change, and survival is key in this time of chaos and agony. The devious diligence that our world has been going through is glamorized by broadcasted media such as the various wars and acts of terror, instead of focusing on the real war, the dying families residing all over the world. Survival is key in a society favored by the assorted indulgences taken by our governments, giving the world a different perception on life. Some of our own people, living lives of terror and agony, cannot buy simple materials such as textbooks nor the education needed to survive in an ever-increasing world of knowledge. The media is a very inducing part of this conception, where headlines of new movies or insignificant news involving the daily actions of various celebrities. The genuine news is although the world is technologically advancing, it is digressing in the form of helping the people that really need it. While overly-induced teenagers in America are wondering about the new fashion or news involving the media, children of the same age in the slews of Africa are working and supporting their families, hoping to survive one more day. The ever-growing society seems blinded by the truth, and the truth should be yielded to the public, showing the real crises of our world.

To survive means to be able to endure or live through an abysmal time. Countless times has the world faced this situation, where we as a people work together to not only strive for success, but to face the endeavors that are a common misconception in our community…adversity. Many people come from diverse backgrounds and many still not have equal rights, even in a planet where the president-elect of America is of African-American descent. It may not be present in today’s media, but racial profiling is as evident as ever. People of mixed races do not receive the equality that many people share, which is not the path humanity must retrace in order to fight the flustering struggles of our past. The skewing path of justice is not easily followed, where the path of misfortune is commonly passed by. The true crossroads of survival is the ability to put others before yourself and to live in perpetual unity. The commonalities of our society will reach beyond the boundaries set forth by the mentality of the media, and the global community will once again be the defined as a society of justice and freedom.

The economy is dwindling before our eyes, watching prices and the values of nearly everything depreciating in value, leaving our world dumbfounded. Although we may be struggling through an economic crisis, putting our notions and contemplations together may form a method through which we can achieve unity. Throughout modern history, similar instances have occurred from the Tennis Court Oath to the many various peace treaties, the world is inching towards an everlasting hope. Concerns are evident throughout the faces of citizens of our world, each showing conviction towards the society and how they can engrave an interminable image of unity. All the world can strive for is the determined sign of global unity…hope.

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