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Bad News

December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

It seems that all is going on these days are tragedies. Don’t think you don’t know what I’m talking about. You see them all over the place. Not first hand of course but through television. All they ever report is how someone got horribly injured because of a car wreck. I don’t think the news crew even sympathizes for these families. It’s scary to think this stuff is actually happening.
Even when I turn on the T.V. to the Discovery Channel (just can’t get enough of that Discovery Channel) it has something about a horrible incident that already happened or what might happen. So I’m watching Nova right and most of the time they talk about when and how the world is going to end. One time I was watching an episode about the sun and about halfway through they kept rambling on about how its infinite power could put an end to us all. It’s entertaining but a little unnerving.
I don’t know why it ever caught on that someone dying was interesting news. We can’t do anything about it so why fill our minds with a sense of ever approaching doom? I blame the news stations for filling our minds with this useless dribble. I bet in lets say world war two they talked about a lot of bad news but times have changed and pretty much everything is peaceful. Now a days we can’t turn on any news station without hearing another sad story in Iraq (no disrespect to the American soldiers). One good thing I have been noticing is that their not reporting as many Iraq story’s as they used to.
For once I wish the news stations could track down the common people to see their accomplishments in life not to warn them of how some hijacker is probably in your neighborhood. Those tips are helpful but they don’t have to go rambling on about it. I think the news stations actually spend more time finding bad news then good. I just can’t believe they spend all that money to inform people of a tragedy that isn’t even remotely going to affect them.
Anyways, hopefully at some point this whole thing will blow over and we can go back to our safe sense of mind. Unfortunately this is only a hope and most likely the downpour of bad news will sadly attack our conscience until we are all a worried mess of sadness. Sorry to be so negative but you know the truth most of the time hurts. I hope all of the people reading this article will take the time to think the next time your watching the news and stop to think “Do I really need to know about all about this?” and when that time comes I hope you choose to turn the channel to something a little more peaceful.

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