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Embracing Oblivion

February 12, 2009
By Charlotte Wilson BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Charlotte Wilson BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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I'd swear I were in Ancient Rome. I'd swear, cross my heart and hope to die, that we were all self-existing and self-indulging in the time of sabotage. A bitter fight for power when the youth don't really know what they want. No one knows what they need. Civilization is crashing down all around us and we are determined to go down too. We are all on a sinking ship and we're going down, down, down. We're sinking into oblivion and we're all embracing it. It's all ending and we might as well go out with a big bang. We're drowning and we want to be remembered. We are reenacting the fall of Ancient Rome, our life on stage. So smoke and drink and fornicate. Do everything you possibly can, we only live once. The whole world is coming apart at the seams. We are going with it, we are encouraging the self-destruction. We tear ourselves apart with a smile to display. The future is gone. Our morals have floated away to unseen islands, mythical places, floated away with the wind of the modern day. Our new friend has sat down at the dining room table to converse and live with all of us in this society. Our new friend, aptly named Impending Doom, is weaving tales of the apocalypse. The future is gone, disappeared from our sight, from our pockets and hopes are meaningless. Our hopes are lost loose change. We have nothing to live for, everything is chaos. Anything is possible. The future is not ours. We have no control over our environment. We do not possess time, though we whisper misconceptions to ourselves constantly. The future does not exist. All we have left is the present. Every new second is another chance but we are rushed. One day the last second will come to us, greet us. We are all running around in a frenzy, running around bleeding on the inside. Each moment is a precious gem and the value keeps growing higher. Our ship is sinking, our empire is falling, and one day soon everything we know will be in ruins. The future is gone, but the present is ours.

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