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March 12, 2009
By erik espy BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
erik espy BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
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I have come to the conclusion that if anything is said enough times, it is believed.
I can pound it into your head that the school's principle is corrupt, and if I tell you enough times, it is believed. Look at rumors for example. They are started by one kid. Now the first kid he tells may or may not believe it, but as soon as it is spread through the school, most people believe it. Not enough for yah? Ok, well look at the past Bush Administration. Most of what he said, such as problems he felt America was undergoing, really were not problems at all, but distractions. Every time the war in Iraq was brought up, he brought up illegal immigrants, or gay marriage. He repeatedly told us they were a problem to distract us from the Iraq War. How come it was never brought up before then? I find it funny how anything can be believed if said enough, funny, but dangerous. Look at Obama. The big word he mentioned in every speech was CHANGE. However, did anyone really know what he was going to change, more importantly, is he doing anything right now? Besides threatening to take our guns away and raising our taxes. Hey, I'm not surprised, when it comes to voting, America fails at it. Bush did get elected twice. But this election proves how gullible this country really is. Especially when they vote in a man who has no background history.

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