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The Misundersrtanding

May 16, 2017
By Yld777 SILVER, Tirana, Other
Yld777 SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Fake news is deliberate hoax news that is sent out from social media or feeds. The main intention of it is to get as many views as possible and spread out false news that will shock and confuse other people. They are not actual facts, but rather opinions of other ‘writers’. This news should be revised or checked by professional editors before being published and of course, they need to be proven real. Fake news creates general misunderstanding and lies to people because the authors just love to puzzle and confuse people. Examples of fake news are: The end of the world, Baby Hitler, and ISIS supporting Hillary Clinton. Fake news is a nuisance to our society and just a general annoyance to most people.

The problem is, where did this false news come from? Of course, it’s the online trolls that love to turn the world upside down and mess with other people. All of these so called authors or bloggers come from social media such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , and etc. It started a couple years ago when these social media was created. People thought it was fun to trick people and mess with their news, and once something goes viral it’s almost impossible to stop it from spreading. Even statistics and record prove it, according to Brown Political View 86% of news on social media is fake.

My opinion towards this subject is that somehow this needs to stop because it can become so widespread that we will not be able to spot real news and one day we might even find fake news in official news sources such as newspapers. A good resolution would be that social medias or any kind of online website should have an approval by professional editors so the news get’s rated, edited, and the for the professional to decide if it will go online. This will reduce a huge percentage of these hoax news. Reducing the percentage means that people will get informed correctly and trust will increase on social media.

People may think that sometimes it’s the writers fault. Sometimes it’s also the bad resources that the writers of articles online may find, however this happens very rarely. We cannot blame other writers if they got tricked by others. There’s the problem, since this news is becoming so viral people don’t realise what’s real and what’s a hoax. It should stop and it needs to be soon. Social Media and news websites should find a solution for their credibility and for people to earn their trust.

So this is what fake news does to people and how it disgraces  real news sources such as BBC, CNN, Fox, and etc. These are some of the only news websites that can be trusted because of their editing, security, and the time they spent for one article. That’s how every single news article should be. After it’s received it should be edited and checked for its validity, so it’s correct. These are the baby steps for appropriate and accurate news. Fake news is deliberate hoax news that is sent out from social media or feeds to try and manipulate and confuse people. I really hope for people to find a solution towards it so that the online world becomes more accurate and of course safer. 

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